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SNV Netherlands Development is a not-for-profit international development organization that has built a long-term local presence in 38 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. SNV Laos implements projects to improve individual lives and contributes to solving global challenges in the areas of Agriculture, Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.

Vacancy Announcement

We are currently looking for a Short term Consultant

National Agricultural engineer specialised in Irrigation system design


The ENUFF project is funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in partnership with Agrisud International. The project seeks an Agricultural Engineer specialised in Irrigation system design for a short term consultancy.

The ENUFF project aims to improve family nutrition in remote and ethnically-diverse upland farming communities through nutrition- sensitive agricultural production, sustainable management of natural resources and enhancement of good practices in health and hygiene. The project is implemented in two districts of Oudomxay province (Nga and Beng) and in two districts of Huaphan province (Viengxay and Xiengkor).

ENUFF aims to support farmers at family level to improve their agricultural production through technical training in agro-ecology practices and crop diversification as well as through agricultural land development activities that support the nutritional status of families, in particular of women and of children under 5. To enhance the intensification of agricultural production and the access to water throughout the year, the project will support the construction or rehabilitation of small irrigation systems for community vegetable gardens and lowland rice fields. It aims to enhance farmers’ production and incomes, to decrease the workload of women and to improve the nutritional situation within the households.

The objectives of the position are:

  • To identify opportunities for small scale irrigation of community land in the lowlands that could benefit the largest number of families and/or poorest families. A field survey on irrigation needs among potential families has already been concluded. The data need to be analysed by the consultant and complemented by additional field observations.
  • To design sustainable irrigation systems to efficiently distribute water in the area defined by the survey. The model of the irrigation system should be easy to maintain and manage by the villagers themselves. The irrigation systems should not require farmers to make additional costs, such as for electricity.
  • To supervise the construction of the irrigation systems until completion and to train the responsible water user committee on its maintenance and management.


  • To work in collaboration with communities, the local government staff and the ENUFF provincial coordinators to identify the area fitting the implementation of irrigation systems.
  • For each irrigation system identified, to provide a complete report covering the identification and selection process (incl. reasons for selection of the area), as well as the design of the irrigation system, the provisional budget including costs of construction material, transport and number of working days of specialized labour. Planning of the implementation process will be included.
  • After validation by the project team, the Engineer shall supervise the construction process of each irrigation system and organise and conduct the training of the water users for its use, management and maintenance.
  • During the length of the consultancy, the consultant shall reinforce the capacities of the DAFOs staff to identify, design and build irrigation systems. 


  • Graduate level in Agricultural and rural development engineering with a specialisation in irrigation. (Post graduate is an asset).
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in design and implementation of irrigation systems.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and successfully in a multicultural environment and with local communities.
  • Fluent in Lao and ability to write and speak in English.
  • Working experience in the region.

Working experience for rural development project is an asset.

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