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location_on 3/33 Ban Simuang, Samsenthai Road, Vientiane Lao PDR

language ພາສາ

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date_range 31/10/2018 to 12/11/2018


TK Group’s focus and investment are in media and technology, investment consulting, Construction & architecture, real estate, trading, mechanical and electrical engineering, energy and resources. Our projects are nationwide.

As a steward and responsible corporate citizen we have concern for the well-being of communities as well as for the interest of stakeholders. We recognize that we all are subject to social and environmental factors, and that good corporate governance has strong immediate and long-term impact on the sustainability of companies, businesses and the people involved.

Since inception, we aim to set aside 5% of our total net profit for social and other worthy causes. We will set up a TK foundation and trust as an independent entity to oversee the management and disbursement of corporate responsibility endowments.


Vacancy Announcement

TK Group Company Limited have been established established since 2005. Our company operate more than 10 different sectors including: services and IT support, architectures, construction and road, mining, Hydro power plant, Total lubricant distributor, air conditioning supercool, investment consulting, insurance, real estate, food and beverage. Our Group of companies are growing fast and stable, now we are looking for the following position:

1. Accounting Manager 1 Position

  • Job Description
  1. The Accounting Manager is the head accountants employed by the TK Group for overseeing and managing the whole team of accountants of the various related party companies.
  2. The Accounting Manager is responsible for teaching the accountants all about the TK Group financial guidelines and accounting procedures. She also has to teach them the application of accounting software (Quick books) and accounting procedures.
  3. The Accounting Manager has to oversee and supervise accounts for bookkeeping of all the financial transactions as well as preparation of TK Group financial statements and all the balancing of the accounts at the end of the financial period (monthly, quarterly and annually).
  4. The Accounting Manager is the one who present the financial statements to the president and vice president and sometimes even to the shareholders, if any. The president or vice president can require the final accounts anytime during the year; hence they have to be ready with update accounting.
  5. She has to monitor the stock control of Total Lubricants and Supper cool business. She has to coordinate with other related party companies directors.
  6. The Accounting Manager considered being a part of senior management and her opinion is held in high regard. She can make suggestions to the management team on how to improve profits and cut losses. She is the one who can come with financial measure that will help the company being sustainable.
  7. The Accounting Manager also has other important tasks that most heads of departments have.
  8. The Accounting Manager has to recommend accountants for promotions. She has to solve any issue that rise in the accounting team or financial department.
  9. Assist Senior Financial Manager in improving financial guidelines and accounting procedures to meet demands of each period
  10. Supervise and coach accounts on bookkeeping of all related party companies in compliance with TK Group accounting policies
  11. Prepare the consolidated financial statements for each period (monthly, quarterly and annually) and present to management team
  12. Assist Senior Financial Manager in preparing annual financial audit
  13. Coordinate with internal auditor and external auditor for carrying of the required auditing formalities on financial auditing processes
  14. Coordinate with finance team to complete financial statements within deadlines.
  15. Coordinate with HR for keeping a record of the payroll of the TK Group employees with all the relevant details.
  16. Monitor expenditures, analyze revenues and determine budget variances and report the same to management.
  17. Provide guidance to other Accountants when needed.
  18. Evaluate computerized accounting systems and provide recommendations to IT team for performance improvements.
  19. Review & approve payment vouchers & journal entries
  • Qualification
  1. A degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field;
  2. At least 05 years of experience in a accounting position
  3. Favorite inter personal relationship, eadership skills and experience particularly employee management;
  4. Deep understanding of business principles and practices;
  5. superior attention to detail; organisational skills; planning skills;
  6. Analytical skills; critical thinking skills; problem-solving skills; computer skills; multi-tasking abilities; integrity, honesty
  7. Experience in Quickbooks accounting software is preferable
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