Settha Palace Hotel

[ປິດຮັບແລ້ວ] Senior Supervisory

Settha Palace Hotel

ເບິ່ງວຽກທັງໝົດຂອງບໍລິສັດ Settha Palace Hotel

location_on 6 Pang Kham Street N/A Chanthabouly District Vientiane Capital

language ພາສາ

timer ລົງປະກາດເມື່ອ: 6 ເດືອນກ່ອນ

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date_range 15/09/2017 to 30/09/2017



Applications are invited from  expatriate singles or spouse of expatriate working in Lao PDR with a Bachelors or a Post graduate degree or Diploma (Major in accounting or finance or Banking or costing or management or Hotel Management) & 3-5 years experience is desirable in an accounts department of a Hotel or manufacturing or mining company for Senior Supervisory Position to handle the following responsibility in the Capacity of An Accountant or Assistant Financial Controller.

1.       Conduct daily income audit and analyze income, payments of invoices, accounts receivables, guest in house balances & follow up AR payments and banking of AR receipts.

2.       Follow up banking of cash, cheques etc., & monitor daily payments & payment to suppliers and other cashier related job.

3.       Supervise the daily receiving & issue of market list, PR, PO of perishables non perishables and general store items & Inventory control, monthly stock taking & Follow up on Purchase requests or purchase orders to ensure the par stock levels. Update the management on store matters & issues related to market availability of Goods and Services. Must possess analytical skill on costing, pricing and market awareness.

4.       Prepare & submit management accounting for the Management & Director’s review before 10th of the following month, prepare quarterly financial statements for Tax purpose to declare profit or loss and be able to prepare Company Financial statements applying IFRS for annual audit to submit to Directors, check the accuracy of financial statement s prepared in Lao accounting Standards by Lao Accountant for submission to Tax authority quarterly and annually.

5.       Calculate the VAT, Salary tax, SSO liability & Prepare tax & SSO payment within the deadline.

6.       Disbursement of Salary through Bank or cash  & Monthly Pay roll related matters such as control leave accounts etc.,

7.       Supervise, guide, and train General Cashier, F&B cashier, Night Auditor, Income Audit staff, Accounts Receivable staff, Cost Controller, Tax Invoice staff & Store Keeper and report to Financial Controller on daily basis.

8.       Attend morning briefing with General Manager & Management team on behalf of Financial Controller as & when required.

9.       Team spirit and positive attitude towards work in a composite team of Lao and expatriates staff are essential.

Salary & other benefits shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience and be willing to work under pressures.

Applicants may indicate the salary & other benefits expected to enable the Management to short list the applications.


Please send your applications to or walk in for an interview with appointment between 10 to 12 noon and 2 to 3 pm  from Monday to Friday.

* Please click on below button "Apply for this job" to submit CV via our website





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ວຽກອື່ນໃນບໍລິສັດ Settha Palace Hotel

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