RMA Lao Co.,Ltd ບໍລິສັດ ອາເອມເອລາວ ຈຳກັດ

[ປິດຮັບແລ້ວ] Leasing Manager

RMA Lao Co.,Ltd ບໍລິສັດ ອາເອມເອລາວ ຈຳກັດ

ເບິ່ງວຽກທັງໝົດຂອງບໍລິສັດ RMA Lao Co.,Ltd ບໍລິສັດ ອາເອມເອລາວ ຈຳກັດ

location_on Sisattanak District, Ban Beungkhayong Tay Village, Unit 18, P.O. Box 6030, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

language ພາສາ Lao, English

timer ລົງປະກາດເມື່ອ: 11 ເດືອນກ່ອນ

date_range 02/08/2017 to 15/08/2017


RMA Group is a rapidly growing multinational company specializing in essential products and services to economies in transition. It works alongside the  community in emerging and post-conflict markets to build or rebuild local infrastructure – power generationtransport, construction and communications. It is a value-added supplier of goods and services. Operations are concentrated in Asia, South-East Asia, and Africa and there are more than 3500 dedicated professionals at all levels and in many disciplines employed worldwide.

RMA Lao entered the market in 1994 as a provider of dedicated system solutions for commercial and non-commercial enterprises in the sectors of automotive, power generation, heavy equipment, mining equipment, car rental and food franchise management.

Through its different subsidiaries, RMA Lao exclusively represents and manages prestigious, world-class brands such as Ford Motor Company, Land Rover/Range Rover, JCB, Shantui, John Deere, Foton, SDMO/Kohler, The Pizza Company, Swensen’s and Europcar. The company continues to build its portfolio of brand and service offerings

With 300 people, RMA Lao is present throughout Lao PDR with branches in Vientiane – Central, Luang Prabang – North, Savannakhet and Pakse – South.

RMA Lao strives to share long-term partnerships with its customers backing up the quality of its products with a dedication to service and added value that lives long after the sale. The company provides sales of product and after sales support services for all of its products. It also provides financial solutions – especially in heavy assets and passenger vehicles, such as hire-purchase, rentals and installment payment packages.

Welcome to the RMA Lao Company. Discover the one-stop-shop partner for your industrial, development and commercial projects in Lao PDR.


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Market Manager

ຜູ້ຈັດການໃຫຍ່ທົ່ວໄປ / ຮອງຜູ້ຈັດການໃຫຍ່ / ຜູ້ບໍລິຫານ

cvConnect.la - COUNTRY GARDEN


ຂາຍ / ຂາຍປີກ

cvConnect.la - Diep Vu Co., Ltd


ຜູ້ຈັດການໃຫຍ່ທົ່ວໄປ / ຮອງຜູ້ຈັດການໃຫຍ່ / ຜູ້ບໍລິຫານ

cvConnect.la - ທີມຈັດຫາງານຊີວີຄອນເນັກ

Graphic Design / Media Creation

ອອກແບບ / ສິລະປະ / ສ້າງສັນ

cvConnect.la - Teledirect Telecommerce

Customer Support

ບໍລິການລູກຄ້າ / ພະນັກງານຕ້ອນຮັບ / ເສີບ

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Customer Service Representative

ບໍລິການລູກຄ້າ / ພະນັກງານຕ້ອນຮັບ / ເສີບ

cvConnect.la - Burapha Agroforestry Co., Ltd

Maid / ແມ່ບ້ານ

ແມ່ບ້ານ / ອານາໄມ

cvConnect.la - Excellency Restaurant



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cvConnect.la - MMG LXML Sepon

Executive Assistant to General Manager

ເລຂານຸການ / ຜູ້ຊ່ວຍ

cvConnect.la - Investment and Hydro Power Consultant Sole Co; Ltd,



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Operations Trainer

ສອນ / ການຝຶກອົບຮົມ / ຄູ

cvConnect.la - ທີມຈັດຫາງານຊີວີຄອນເນັກ

ພະນັກງານ ໄອທີ 1 ຕຳແໜ່ງ

ໄອທີ / ຂຽນໂປຣແກຣມ / ວາງລະບົບ

cvConnect.la - Phongsavanh Group

Chief of Finance (CoF)

ການເງິນ / ສິນເຊືອ / ກວດສອບ

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