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date_range 19/07/2017 to 31/07/2017



Job Opportunity

Plan & Business Development Manager   (1 Position)

Location: Nonnbuek Office, Nongbuek Tai Village, Vientiane Capital.

Key responsibilities

  • Supervises requirements planning for department, division, project, or organization
  • Prepares proposals report to line manager
  • Presents development proposals to government agencies
  • Arranges for public to review private and public development projects
  • Sets schedule for project or development and flow of requisite materials
  • Supervises other planning personnel, such as consultants and developers
  • Prepares budget plan such as: Manpower, cost, vehicle, Material, tools and other as related field
  • Make a business plan of new project
  • Plan and development business all of project in Company
  • Operation all document  as related with marketing and business plan
  • Sets goals, policies, and procedures for project
  • Offers employee trainings and development
  • Communicates with other managers, supervisors, and colleagues throughout project
  • Survey and analysis the way to sale in market
  • Developing robust business cases and presenting to senior leaders to achieve buy-in
  • Presenting marketing plan activity to senior commercial and marketing leadership teams to ensure plans support forecast revenue and growth
  • Management and allocation of significant marketing budget
  • Ensuring that all marketing strategies adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines

Qualification and Experience Requirement:

  • Minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in Business and Development Economic
  • Good knowledge of English and Lao both oral and written communication skills.
  • At least 3 years of experience in marketing and business plan or related field
  • Computer literate with good skills, Microsoft word and excel

-       Good business sense and marketing survey

  • Driver License and sometime will be business trip

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to Phongsubthavy Group Company, Nongbuek Road, Ban Nongbuek Tai, Sikottabong District, and Vientiane Capital. Website:; Email: Recruitment –;

Tel: 020 22230770, Closing Date 30/07/2017

All applications will be handled in confidence and only shortlisted candidates will be considered for interview.

* Please click on below button "Apply for this job" to submit CV via our website





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